2011. június 11., szombat

rain, apple-schnaps, awesome climbing rocks and the funniest hungarian climbing team i´ve ever met

it was friday night when the hungarians arrived at the farmers´camping place and brought the worst weather with them you can imagine, so the guys had to sleep in wet and completely slobbery tents and i suppose they had a really bad night, however the guys where in an absolutely good mood when we first met them at the farmer´s bar ( beer for 1.50 euro which is unbelievable cheap for austrian conditions) where we wanted the time to pass by while the weather wasn´t really likely to cheer up....later on in the afternoon my climbing partner and friend luki and i went up to a climbing sector in that area where we met the funny group again, where we heard garbriel barking like a dog ( he got that from a documentation about adam ondra-the harder the line is, the more you have to bark) and balint ( called valentine in our language, so let me name him valentine) shouting like another animal ( can´t really tell you which animal, never heard noises like that before) when he tried a 7b near to us. agnes was stretching her shoulders which looked like she could dislocate them, and thomas ran up and down ( i guess to look for adam who he finally found anywhere in the forest) yeah, all in all a really interesting and funny group:)

so it was valentin´s birthday that day and of course we had to celebrate it in the evening, when valentin explained us : "ich denke, meiner meinung nach, es muss geben feiern , weil auch wenn man denkt am nächsten tag es ist alles schlecht, es muss trotzdem gehen"
which means something like ( sorry, i cannot really translate it in english cause it´s absolut nonsense, but i´ll try: i think , in my opinion we have to party hard, cause you feel bad the next day and you climb pretty well(??) ( don´t worry valentine, apart from that your german is very good!!!) so we had some beers and apple schnaps and a bad hangover the next day, but after adam´s, i guess , 6th cup of coffee and a breakfast ( healthy hungarian/chinese instant noudle soup) we were ready to start a new climbing day!
it was an absolutely great day, we belayed each other, we kept our hangover with fruits, bred, cheese and salami down ( ask adam; whatever you offer him, he wants it) :) we managed all comunication difficulties and had a great time with each other. we´ve seen valentin nearly scatching his right ear putting his right arm around his whole head ( it really looks really weird; have a look at the pics) and it was hard for us to say good bye, although we just knew the group for 2 days! so we hope to see them again pretty soon for some climbing goodness as well as for some beers and interesting talks! it was really a pleasure to get to know you guys! train hard, party harder and enjoy your life the hardest! all the best! greets from austria!
Egészségére! Köszönöm, barátok!!

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Izer Bálint írta...

Ich habe nur eine Frage: Warum kann ich nicht soo gut schreiben?!!! Es war sehr komisch und frenetisch!!

gábor írta...

nice post, thx Anna!

k.jó a videó :D
ennél nehezebb 7c-t még nem láttam

Izer Bálint írta...

nem mentem bele.
veled szeretném megmászni!

Fidi írta...

Micsoda videó, micsoda út, micsoda hangok(Gábor) :D
Tardoson a Bálint csak imitálta...